Composing and Performing an Accompaniment

Class 5 listened to an analysed a song about the environment called ‘Global Warning’. After they had analysed the musical elements of tempo, duration, texture and dynamics, they worked in groups to compose an accompaniment that matched the style of the song.

Geography – Trade

The children in Class 6 have been learning about trade in geography. They really enjoyed playing a trading game where they all started with different resources and had to trade with other teams in order to be able to make and sell shapes. We have also been looking at importing and exporting, using the atlases … Read more

Christmas Memory Game

We all enjoyed playing this Christmas memory game and it made us think a lot about the importance of team work. The children had to communicate well with each other in order to recreate the image. Only one person was allowed to see it at a time and they were not able to draw when … Read more

Paper Clip Sculptures

During our topic ‘I have a dream’, we looked at the artist Pietro D’Angelo who is known for creating paper clip sculptures. We designed and created our own sculptures based around the themes of our topic this term. The children produced some thoughtful sculptures exploring lots of themes such as friendship, acceptance and diversity.

Class 1 Boot Camp!

Class 1 have been learning different types of exercise to help us stay fit and healthy. On Wednesday we were completing a variety of exercises including running, star jumps, burpees and side jumps. By the end of the lesson everyone was very tired and needed a well earned drink of water!

Jackson Pollock painting

We learned about the 20th century American artist Jackson Pollock today. We learned about his style of abstract expressionist painting and how you can see his actions in the marks he made. Then we tried making our own in his style using wintery colours. It turned out really well! Click on the picture to see … Read more

Children in Need

After our run for Children in Need, the children in Class 6 were eager to use their maths skills to work out how far they ran.

PSHE Community Activity

In our PSHE lessons, we created two separate communities. Each community held several meetings which were led by a different chair and secretary each time. During these meetings, the communities had to work together to complete certain tasks: they created a name; wrote a charter and decided what to do when a member decided to … Read more

Life Cycle Presentations

In science, we have been studying the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, birds and insects. All of the pupils were assigned a life cycle to research and then had to present their findings to their group – it was a great opportunity to practise our speaking and listening skills.


We researched what daily life was like for men, women and children in the past for Native American tribes. We then worked in groups using drama to show what we learned.