History of Dickleburgh

In Class 6 we have been researching the history of Dickleburgh. We visited the Reading Rooms and looked at primary and secondary sources to help us to learn more about the past. We invited some residents from the village to come and talk to us about the changes that they had seen in Dickleburgh through … Read more

Art – WW2 The Blitz

 To improve their mastery of art and design techniques, Class 6 thought about about scale, proportion and tonal contrast when creating their Blitz silhouette artwork.

Paper Making

We have been learning how the inventions of Ancient China have influenced the world and discussed the importance of paper. It was the Chinese Han Dynasty that invented paper. We created our own out of recycled paper using a mould and deckle.

European Language Day

In Class 6 we focused on the country Austria. We learnt many facts about the country and found out that in Austria they speak German! We learnt some phrases and practised speaking German to each other. Finally we practised and performed a traditional Austrian folk dance called Schuhplattler. It translates as ‘shoe’ and ‘flat hand.’

Class 5 Trip to Time and Tide Museum

Class 5 took a trip to Great Yarmouth to visit the Time and Tide museum to take part in Titanic workshop activities. The children stepped back in time to become real passengers aboard the HMS Titanic! They met Lady Strauss and her maid Ellen and learnt what it was like to be First Class passengers. … Read more

Jubilee Day

Today was Jubilee Day in school. We completed an art collage, watched videos about the monarch’s reign and a worked in pairs on comprehension activity all about the Queen.

Emergency First Aid

In our RSHE lesson this week we have been learning all about emergency first aid procedures. We learnt how to put a casualty into the recovery position and how to get help in emergency situations.

WW2 in the Local Area (100th Bomb Group)

Class 6 spent the morning with Clive, an expert on WW2 who collects military uniforms and vehicles. He spoke to the children about the 100th Bomb Group who were stationed at Thorpe Abbott’s airfield and told them what life was like for the American troops who came across here during what became known as the … Read more

Silent Debate – RE

Class 6 took part in a silent debate in RE, exploring the question: Is Easter a festival of sacrifice or of new life? The children showed such maturity when completing this activity and thought really carefully about responding to others’ comments as well as using their prior learning in their arguments.

Our Mystery ‘Reading for Pleasure’ Book

We love our reading for pleasure time and have already read some excellent books this year. This time, we chose our book in a different way, not seeing the cover first. The children were shown the books wrapped up with a few bits of information about each and then voted on which they would like … Read more