Composing and Performing an Accompaniment

Class 5 listened to an analysed a song about the environment called ‘Global Warning’. After they had analysed the musical elements of tempo, duration, texture and dynamics, they worked in groups to compose an accompaniment that matched the style of the song.

Jackson Pollock painting

We learned about the 20th century American artist Jackson Pollock today. We learned about his style of abstract expressionist painting and how you can see his actions in the marks he made. Then we tried making our own in his style using wintery colours. It turned out really well! Click on the picture to see … Read more


We researched what daily life was like for men, women and children in the past for Native American tribes. We then worked in groups using drama to show what we learned.

Designing Dreamcatchers

We have been working hard on learning what dreamcatchers are, the symbolism of the different parts and then designing their own. We will be making our designs for display. We will publish photos of the finished dreamcatchers very soon!

Dance Lesson

We have been doing some interpretive dance based around the idea of jumping from an aeroplane.