Ancient Egypt Day

In the summer, we had a visit from ‘The History Squad’. For the day, we were transported back in time to the land of the Pharaohs – and what a brilliant day of hands-on learning this was!

Ancient Egypt Pharaoh Art

After we immersed ourselves into our Ancient Egypt day, we further applied our acquired knowledge through our art skills representing ourselves as Pharaohs.

Pollock Art

Taking inspiration from the artist Jackson Pollock, we created our own pieces experimenting with depth and repeated pattern.

Print, textile and collagraph art

We designed our own print patterns using a range of materials to create different effects. Next, we completed the collagraph stage. Using string and small cardboard squares, we rolled the ink over our design and printed these on top of the original piece. We really enjoyed this process and were very pleased with our results!

World Book Day 2023

World Book Day saw a range of amazingly creative hats being displayed throughout our hat parade.


During our English unit: Varmints – we re-created the key moments in the text that proved pivotal to change in an ever-polluted world.

Crucial Crew 2023

Class 6 visited The Space in Norwich to work with many of the safety services across our county. They learnt about online safety from Norfolk Constabulary, fire hazards in the home from Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service, CPR with East Anglia Air Ambulance and spent time with many more agencies including HM Coast Guard and … Read more

When a donkey arrived…

While working hard in Mathematics, a miniature donkey arrived to brighten our day. It had been visiting the younger classes and we were lucky enough to receive a short visit too.