“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.” – Chinese Proverb


At Dickleburgh Primary Academy, we believe that learning anew language is a valuable and worthwhile experience for all children. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained are essential skills in the development of each child’s aspirations and knowledge of the world as well as their understanding of their own culture and identity.

Teaching is inclusive of all children and aims to enhance and broaden not only cultural awareness but also develop oracy and literacy skills deepening each child’s understanding of another language and in turn their own.


Pupils in Year 1 through to Year 6 take part in a weekly French lesson where they are all able to practise their speaking, reading and listening skills. Children’s vocabulary is broadened through regular opportunities for them to be immersed in their target language. Pupils in KS2 will also have the opportunity to write in the target language and will learn about French grammar and phonics. Intercultural understanding will be explored with all classes and will be linked to current events where appropriate.

Our French curriculum is delivered through highly effective, specialist ‘quality first teaching’


Our French curriculum ensures that children progressively acquire, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary. Through the breadth and depth that our curriculum offers, children have an appropriate balance of spoken and written language which lay the foundations for further language learning. Our curriculum encourages children to become confident global citizens within the ‘modern world.’

French Long Term Plan

Cave Languages KS2 French SOW Language Overview