Moon Craters

In Science, Class 5 have been looking at how a meteor impacts the moon’s surface. We learnt that because the moon has no atmosphere; the craters that have impacted the moon will remain on the moon’s surface forever. We set up an experiment to see what happens to the moon’s surface when a meteor hits!

Science – Planets

Class 5 have been learning about the planets in our solar system. They ordered the planets from the closest to the furthest away from the sun. To understand the relative size they made playdough planets. To replicate our solar system they went outside and used a variety of fruits to represent each planet’s size and … Read more


Class 3 have been learning all about Stonehenge, and today tried to replicate Stonehenge using wooden blocks.

Highland games

Class 3 had great fun planning and taking part in their own version of the Highland Games as part of the theme- Picture our Planet.

Crucial Crew 2023

Class 6 visited The Space in Norwich to work with many of the safety services across our county. They learnt about online safety from Norfolk Constabulary, fire hazards in the home from Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service, CPR with East Anglia Air Ambulance and spent time with many more agencies including HM Coast Guard and … Read more

The Heavenly Elephant

Class 4 used freeze-frames to re-tell the story of ‘The Heavenly Elephant’ from the book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn and Other Hairy Tales’.