Pupil Leadership

The aim of the various groups within our Pupil Leadership Team is to enable children the chance to have leadership within the school, ensuring that their voices and opinions are heard. We are a pupil lead school, regularly receiving pupil voice to make improvements. Therefore, we are giving the children the opportunity to assist with those improvements along the journey.

The involvement of children in the running of our school is a belief that the more children are actively invested in a school the greater their contribution towards it will be. This has a profound effect on learning, as invested children make good learners. Additionally, at Dickleburgh, we believe that involving children in decision making and ambassadorial roles will generate an ambitious and aspirational atmosphere in which children will want to succeed and will develop key skills which be invaluable to them in later life, particularly when entering the work place.


  • Each year every class elects two representatives to be their class and school council representatives. 
  • The school council meets regularly with a member of teaching staff to discuss both class and whole school issues and it allows the children’s voice to be heard, topics can range from making decisions on the learning environment to deciding on fundraising events and even being involved in staff recruitment processes. 
  • The Chair and Secretary of the School Council arrange meetings to feedback to the Headteacher


We operate a system of ambassadors in our school for certain key areas. Ambassadors act as representatives and will have a key understanding of the role they play, they are trained and have expertise in their particular area. Some ambassadorial roles include: 

  • House Captains – who take on responsibilities around the school, lead house events such as sports day, our daily exercises and weekly tally and reporting of the House Cup Winners. 
  • Learning Partners-who work alongside younger pupils to encourage reading for pleasure, engagement in morning exercises and Sports Day and support with off timetable arts and crafts activities.
  • Digital Leaders ( trained and accredited through ChildNet)
  • School Librarians
  • Prefects-who help maintain the look of the school, making sure it is well-kept, litter free and tidy both inside and outside.
  • Curriculum Subject Ambassadors-who link with the member of staff who has subject lead responsibility to develop and promote that area through Learning Walks and Pupil Voice interviews.
  • Behaviour Ambassadors-who link with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to help promote outstanding behaviour throughout our school.
  • Collective Worship Ambassadors-who support the teacher delivering Collective Worship assemblies, sometimes plan and lead worship sessions and evaluate Collective Worship.
  • Active Crew-Pupils in Year 6 who encourage the pupils to be be active at play and lunch play and promote the Schools’ Sports Values.


  • completed Digital Leader training
  • delivered assemblies on E-Safety to their assigned classes
  • raised money for various charitable events
  • got more benches and play equipment for on the playground
  • campaigned for compost bins around the school
  • made suggestions for After School Club activities
  • made suggestions towards purchasing new outdoor play equipment
  • Lead the prayers in Collective Worship