Early Years

At Dickleburgh C of E Primary we believe that the Early Years are crucial years for our children, within which they learn to develop a secure base and foundation for future learning.

We ensure children develop physically, verbally, cognitively and emotionally whilst they are part of our EYFS. We will ensure our children develop a positive attitude to school and learning, which will stay with them as they move through Dickleburgh School.

We value all children as individual learners and believe all children can achieve their full potential in their own unique way. With this in mind, we provide a flexible, engaging curriculum which is designed to meet the needs of all children, taking account of their different starting points.

All children in our EYFS follow the EYFS Curriculum. The seven areas of learning and development are inter-connected, and we ensure that careful planning allows full coverage and exposure to each aspect of the curriculum. We believe these are crucial for igniting a child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and building blocks for their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.

At Dickleburgh, each area of learning is taught in a practical, progressive and interactive way with support and challenge from adults. This will be delivered through discrete teaching sessions, small group sessions and individual work. The combination of discrete ‘teacher-led’ sessions as well as the vast variety of continuous provision opportunities ensures all learning styles and needs are met.

We create a curriculum that is forever evolving and responsive to a child’s interests; a curriculum which allows a child to gather knowledge and skills. We ensure that these skills and knowledge are taught in a progressive way from our Pre-School provision, into our Reception provision, and then into Year 1. We provide topics through our Learning Means the World curriculum, which are directly linked to a child’s interests, to inspire and create curious learners. Vocabulary underpins all the topics we teach, as our intent is to ensure every child is exposed to a wide range of vocabulary they can draw upon and revisit throughout their time at school.

Phonics is taught discretely every day beginning at Phase 2 and progressing to Phase 3 and Phase 4, with Phase 1 underpinning all aspects of teaching Phonics. We believe this provides all children with the greatest opportunity to complete Reception being able to read short sentences and write for a purpose. All children will be taught a progressive and challenging early maths curriculum using Power Maths, which is used throughout the school. The skills and knowledge our children will acquire from this approach will ensure they can fully access the Maths curriculum as they move through Dickleburgh Primary.

We ensure a child’s emotional, social, physical and academic needs are met through our curriculum and parents are seen as partners in this approach. Our EYFS is the foundation for future learning, and the building blocks to achieving the highest potential.



EYFS Long Term Plan

Foundation Stage Policy

Our Curriculum Goals

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