The Heavenly Elephant

Class 4 used freeze-frames to re-tell the story of ‘The Heavenly Elephant’ from the book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn and Other Hairy Tales’.

Varjak Paw

Class 4 used drama and freeze-frames to help them understand the events in the book ‘Varjak Paw’ as well as the emotions and actions of the characters.

Mental health day!

To celebrate mental health day we passed round a poster with our name on it and each wrote something nice about our classmates.

Black History Month

We celebrated Black history month in Year 4 with some drama activities. We also found out all about Rosa Parks and made these excellent wheels.


We have been studying an LA based artist who creates pieces of art that look 3d by joining cubes together! We gave it a go ourselves! What do you think?