22/02/24 – Investigating Earthquakes

In Geography we have been learning about earthquakes. We learnt about what can cause an earthquake and then we thought about the infrastructure that would have to be built near a fault line to survive an earthquake. We used marshmallows and spaghetti to build a structure. An earthquake shook our buildings (Mrs Robinson) to see … Read more

28/11/23 – Roman Trip to Time and Tide Museum

Class 5 took at trip to the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth to learn everything Roman. They became Roman soldiers and learnt some battle moves, created some spells with an Iceni druid, met a Roman lady and practised the art of axe throwing.

20/10/23 – Norfolk Crime Webinar

In Class 5 we attended a webinar which taught us about the age of criminal responsibility and anti-social behaviours. We spoke about protected characteristics and that when a crime is committed against a person due to their race, religion,disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity, it may be considered a “hate crime.”

Moon Craters

In Science, Class 5 have been looking at how a meteor impacts the moon’s surface. We learnt that because the moon has no atmosphere; the craters that have impacted the moon will remain on the moon’s surface forever. We set up an experiment to see what happens to the moon’s surface when a meteor hits!

Science – Planets

Class 5 have been learning about the planets in our solar system. They ordered the planets from the closest to the furthest away from the sun. To understand the relative size they made playdough planets. To replicate our solar system they went outside and used a variety of fruits to represent each planet’s size and … Read more

Class 5 Trip to Time and Tide Museum

Class 5 took a trip to Great Yarmouth to visit the Time and Tide museum to take part in Titanic workshop activities. The children stepped back in time to become real passengers aboard the HMS Titanic! They met Lady Strauss and her maid Ellen and learnt what it was like to be First Class passengers. … Read more

Jubilee Day

Today was Jubilee Day in school. We completed an art collage, watched videos about the monarch’s reign and a worked in pairs on comprehension activity all about the Queen.