School Sports Grant

School Sports Grant

Like all schools, this school is in receipt of a sports grant for the next three years, our aim is to spend this money in a way that extends opportunities to participate in a range of sports and builds sustainability into the system so that we may maintain a high level of provision in future years.

Dickleburgh school is using its sports grant to employ a PE apprentice who, over the course of his firstĀ  year, will have the opportunity to work alongside our own skilled teachers to develop his understanding of how an outstanding school delivers the PE & games curriculum. During this time our apprentice will also be responsible for organising lunchtime fitness activities and after school clubs.

In his second year of training our apprentice will begin to take increased responsibility for PE lessons as well as complete his NPECTS qualification. He will continue to run a range of extra-curricular sports clubs providing physical activity for children at lunchtime and after school.

Year 3 of this project will be with the apprentice, now fully qualified, ensuring the delivery of high quality PE across the school and within the community.

All after school clubs will continue to be charged in line with governor policy